Finding the Best Sewing Machine for a Beginner

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You are seeking a sewing machine for a beginning seamstress and don’t quite know where to begin. You want to be sure that she is getting value and quality for the money that is spent on the purchase, and also that she really loves her new possession and hobby. Some tips and suggestions for selecting the very best sewing model include:


Ask others who love to sew about their machines and what they like and dislike about their particular models. Peruse fabric stores and check with store personnel as to the particular machines their customers prefer. Go online and check out authentic reviews of different makes and styles of modern sewing machines.

Compare Pricing

Compare the costs of the various machines that you have been made aware of. The cheaper ones are not necessarily the best buy,and the more expensive models are not necessarily of the highest quality. Research your notes as to what most seamstresses prefer, and compare this list to the costs of each machine. Your budget will also be a determining factor in your final selection.

Read Directions

A beginner is going to need simple and clear directions. Read the directions of the sewing machines you are considering. Are the directions easy to read? Could a beginner make sense of the wording? Does the sewing machine have so many bells and whistles that it could overwhelm a novice? Are there just a few or several attachments? Answering all of these questions will help you make an educated choice.

Check Durability

Check your machine for quality and durability. There are many inexpensive models that are made mainly of plastic; seek out those that are made of higher quality metals and other products. The sewing machine should be fairly heavy and sturdy. While you are at the store, make a point of picking the sample model up. Does it seem like it will hold up for many years? Is it level? Does it appear to be constructed of high quality materials?

Analyze Warranties and Guarantees

Inquire as to warranties and guarantees that may come with the purchase. This is very important in the case that the machine malfunctions or breaks down just after a few weeks of ownership. A quality machine should last for years if maintained and cared for properly.

Buying the best sewing machine for beginners does not have to be a huge challenge or time-consuming process. Following the preceding suggestions will have you well on your way to selecting the very best model and design for the beginning seamstress. After she learns how to maneuver and operate it, she will be assembling and wearing her new and stunning creations in not time at all.