How to find out which are the top 4 trail cameras for 2018?

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If you will be buying a new trail camera this year, you will obviously want to buy one of the best cameras on the market at the moment. Especially if you have several hundred or thousand dollars to spend.

That being the case, you may as well avoid all the other cameras on the market, and just pay attention to the top 4 trail cameras for 2018. These will not only have every feature you could possibly want in a trail camera, they will likely offer you other benefits as well.

Where to find out about the top 4 trail cameras for 2018? — While there are not just four cameras on the top 4 trail cameras for 2018 lists, as everyone compiling a list looks at different features, you will often find many of the same cameras appear on many lists. This is why it pays to read as many top camera lists as you can find, so that you can be sure you are reading about all the most popular cameras.

Read lists written by camera experts, lists written by hunters and those written by people who own new trail cameras. Also look at lists written by websites specializing in reviewing trail cameras, as they really know the market well.

What to look for when reading top 4 trail cameras for 2018 lists? — Look for what trail camera reviews say both about the features of each camera, as well as durability, battery life and the ability to camouflage the camera out in the wild. The price, of course, is going to be the most important thing, but do be aware of the features before anything else, as you do want to have a camera that does what you need it to do.

What are the most important features? — While every reviewer that has written a top 4 trail cameras for 2018 list will differ on what they believe are the most important features they really should include the following.

A battery that lasts at least six to nine months while the camera is continually turned on. A camera that can be well camouflaged, easily tied to a tree or a shrub and that is waterproof and durable. Of course, it should also take very high resolution photos, particularly in low light or at night, and should do this for both photos and video.

Any trail camera you buy in 2018 should also be activated easily, and take many photographs within one to five seconds, so that you do not miss any of the wildlife that may pass in front of it.