Learn about the dreaded anti-cancer medication, taxotere

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Cancer is one of those diseases that brings even the strong ones to their emotional knees, and many people perceive it as a monster which is indeed true because, for many years now, it has been the culprit behind the death of millions of people across the world. For instance, in a survey conducted by one of the major health bodies, more than seven million people succumb to the disease while twelve million more are diagnosed with cancer each year. Owing to that, many research centers have been established to aid in cancer research to come with possible preventive measures, treatments and if possible cure the disease. Since the onset of the study, many treatments have been formulated such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also the taxotere. Below is what you need to know about Taxotere.

What is taxotere?

For those who have cancer or whose loved ones are undergoing the treatment, the name Taxotere is familiar, but for those who don’t know what it is, it is a medication used in chemotherapy for the treatment of various forms of cancers such as

– breast,

– prostrate

– Head and neck

– Stomach cancer

– Lung cancer.

How it is given

Unfortunately, there is no pill form of the medication, and it is administered through a vein. However, to ease the effects of the drug and the allergic reactions of patients, physicians offer premedication three days before the actual infusion which involves the intake of a corticosteroid pill. Nonetheless, the amount infused varies according to factors such as weight, the form of cancer being treated or the health problems which the patient may be having. Mostly it is administered after three weeks and in the past, was a more preferred method of treatment before most patients began complaining about its side effects such as

– Permanent hair loss.

– Liver problems

– Drowsy feeling

– Numbness and burning pain

– Vision problems

– Fluid retention

– Low red blood cells and also platelets among many others.

Thanks to that, the victims began filing lawsuits against the manufacturer, and that is how the taxotere laws came to be. Find out more about the rules below.

Taxotere lawsuits

Thanks to the myriads of side effects that the anti-cancer medication comes with, most patients began filing lawsuits against Sanofi Aventis who is the manufacturer for failing to warn them. The most common cases filed in courts are the ones regarding hair loss. According to Sanofi’s instructions, taxotere only causes temporary hair loss while according to about ninety percent of the lawsuits filed mostly by women it has caused them permanent hair loss, and they are now forced to go bald. Most women claim that the condition which is scientifically known as alopecia does not appear anywhere on taxotere and thus most women agree to include taxotere in their chemotherapy without knowing its side effects. Today more than 260 taxotere lawsuits are pending trying to get taxotere settlement awards in the courts on the following basis

– Failing to adequately warn patients and health care providers about the side effects

– Manufacture of a dangerous drug

– Hiding relevant info from the public

– Selling the drug without proper testing

– Misleading the public through advertisements and sugar-coated marketing.