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Delicious Recipes for your Bread Machine

Are you tired of the tough, bland bread that is available on your local supermarket shelves? Even the artisan breads from the bakery seem a little lackluster. If you want some hearty loaves of bread that taste like they are fresh from Grandma’s oven, look no further than your bread machine. When these incredible little devices were introduced, everyone had to buy one. It seemed like everyone was whipping up bread recipes right on their kitchen counter.

With the rising cost of groceries and a move to healthier ingredients, bread machines have regained even more popularity. You probably have one that someone gave you as a wedding gift—just hiding somewhere behind your juicer in the pantry. When you get it out of the box and learn to use it, you will wonder why you ever bought bread in the supermarket. If not, make sure to check out some bread machine reviews online and get your hands on one of these bad boys.

To get you started, here are some easy bread maker recipes that your whole family will love:

Heavenly Sweet Bread

This luscious bread has a hint of sweetness and makes a perfect slice of dessert:


  • 1.5 cups of water, plus 2 tablespoons
  • 1 cup mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 4 cups good bread flour
  • 2 tablespoons of butter (do not use margarine)
  • 1/3 cup dark brown sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1.5 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons active dry yeast for bread makers
  • 2 tablespoons of dry powdered milk
  • Optional: Add raisins, almonds, walnuts, or pecans (chopped)

Machine Directions

Add the ingredients as suggested by the bread maker manufacturer. Set on white bread with light crust. If you are adding the optional nuts and raisins, wait until your machine beeps for additional ingredients. Let the bread cool before slicing.

World’s Best Honey Wheat Bread

Introduce your family to delicious alternatives to white bread with this awesome wheat bread recipe:


  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 2 tablespoons of real butter (not margarine)
  • 1.5 teaspoons of salt
  • 3 tablespoons of a quality honey
  • 1 tablespoon dark molasses
  • ½ cups of old-fashioned oats (not the instant kind)
  • 3 cups of good bread flour
  • 1 large egg, beaten lightly
  • 2 teaspoon of yeast (sprinkle it over the flour)

Machine Directions

In a mixing bowl, add the oats and the boiling water. While the oats are still warm, put them in the bread machine. Add the rest of the ingredients per manufacturer’s suggestions. Bake on Light setting. Allow to cool on a rack before slicing with a serrated bread knife. Perfect for toast or hearty sandwiches.

Spicy Cajun Loaf

Try this zesty bread with soup or the makings for a unique grilled cheese sandwich:


  • ½ cup water
  • ¼ cup of chopped bell pepper (the orange, yellow, and red ones are sweeter than the green ones)
  • ¼ cup onion
  • 2 teaspoons freshly chopped garlic
  • 2 teaspoons of real butter (not margarine)
  • 2 cups quality bread flour
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of your favorite Cajun or Creole seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon active dry yeast

Machine Directions

Add the ingredients according to manufacturer’s suggestions. Put setting on light or medium. Let bread cool on a rack before slicing.

With these three simple recipes, you will get into the grove of making your family’s daily bread. Whether it is a sweet or spicy loaf, it will be made with fresh ingredients from your pantry. Slice and enjoy!

Treatment Options For Cancer

The Myths Of Cancer


Sadly, cancer is a realty that many folks may have to deal with at some time of their life. Cancer is one word in the English language that will scare any person who is told they have cancer or is currently dealing with this dreadful disease. For decades and decades, the medical society in this country has been touting the need for more funds to fight cancer, but so far a cure cancer is still just a dream. Oh, sure, some of the less serious cancers have been cured, but still, there is no real, concrete cure for cancer. But hold it, people that is not a true statement.

Successful cures and treatment for all kinds of cancer has been available for a long time; just not in America. If you can afford the trip and cancer treatment in Germany, this is where your should go. Actually, many celebrities have been treated and cured of cancer in Germany by a group of biochemist associates headed up by award Nobel Prize nominated German Doctors like Johanna Budwig. Former president Reagan was promptly cured of cancer by the German doctors, and when Reagan died in his early 90’s he didn’t die of cancer.


Chemotherapy: A Killer or Savior


In America usually the first treatment for various types of cancer is chemotherapy; but not in Germany. German doctors discovered that a high percentage of medical practitioners indicated they would never, ever, subject their patients to this dangerous drug – chemotherapy. Not so in America. Chemo may kill some cancerous cells, but at the same time, will kill the good cells, too. And the side effects of chemo are in itself as bad and uncomfortable as the drug – think: hair loss, vomiting, serious rash problems, diarrhea and fatigue, to name a few. However, just because the German treatments and cures are not allowed in America, doesn’t mean there may not be viable treatment options available. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp Oil found in cannabis plants has been proven to provide a number of benefits including treatment for epilepsy in children – buy cbd oil. It has also been found to inhibit and slow the aggressiveness in breast cancer in many women. That said, here’s the question. If you had a choice, and as a patient you do, what would you rather have in your body chemotherapy or CBD or Hemp Oil?


Note: In terms of treatment for cancer, it seems strange to some people that cures that work are often banned as an illegal substance in the United States. For example, Hemp Oil has been known to cure various forms of skin cancer, terminal cancer as well as helping cure diabetes, pain, depression and other medical conditions. Well, the answer is money and drug companies, who continue to turn their backs on natural cures that work and are affordable.

Choosing Proper Ear Protection For Gun Ranges

There are quite a lot of people who go to gun ranges knowing that they may shoot accurately, but they do not know how to protect their ears in the event that there are many loud sounds around them. The ear protection that you use will help you ensure you have ears that hear when you leave the range, and you will help protect others if you have brought a set of ear plugs that others may use. This article explains how ear protection will serve you when you are practicing at the range. If you want to read up on some specific products, we advise to check out the shooting hearing protection reviews.


#1: The Gun Range Is Loud


The gun range is a loud place where you must ensure you have ear protection when you arrive. Going on the range is loud, and you must have ear protection on before you begin your exercises. Each person who wishes to take shots at the range must have their ears covered from the pops of all the guns, and you will find it simple to protect your ears when you slide in a simple earplug. The plugs you purchase will be quite basic, and they may fit your ear in just seconds.

#2: How Do You Cover Your Ears?


You may cover your ears with a large headphone, and you must ensure you have chosen something that will fit over your ear completely. You may not know which size will fit you, but you may find one that works quite well. There are several different options when you are searching for a new style of ear protection, and you may choose headphones that work in a number of settings.


#3: Small Ear Plugs


You may choose small ear plugs that you shove into your ear before you shoot, and you will find them quite simple to use because they pull in and out your ear. You my pack them in to ensure you have protection, and they are soft on your ears. They will help you when you have problems with your ears being uncomfortable, and you must ensure you have kept a few sets on you so that you are not without them at any time. Do not go to the range with a few spare sets that you may loan to others around you.


#4: Electronics


You may use electronics when you are protecting your ears, and you will find the noise canceling properties of the earplugs will help keep your ears safe. You will hear nothing when you are shooting, and you will avoid the loud noises that happen around you as you are shooting. You must be as focused as possible, and you must have a look at the way the plugs are shaped. You will find one that fits your ear, takes regular batteries and protects your hearing.


Wearing ear protection at the gun range is important, and you must ensure you have them in at all times. You are protecting your hearing, and you will find it much easier to have successful shooting practice.

Rent a Photo Booth for your Next Event

When is your next social or professional event? Spice it up with a rented photo booth. Everyone managing an event spends hours trying to figure out how to make it more interesting to attract and entertain people. With a photo booth, all you have to do is announce it will be there, and watch the fun happen.


Business Events

We all know how long business events usually go. Long days filled with talking and longer nights filled with talking and drinking.


Add fun to your next event by having a photo booth available. Friends will enjoy posing in the box for their photos and then watching as the photos are broadcast for all to see.


A rented photo booth from Elegant Hire Australia is a great way to remember new contacts. We all meet so many new people at such events that’s its hard to keep them straight. Have your picture taken with your new contacts so you can remember each other. Store your pictures with the cards of all your new friends and you have a contact that you don’t forget once the event ends.


School/Family Reunion

Your photo booth rental usually includes a few props to make the photographs interesting and entertaining. If you are having a school event or reunion, add a few of your own, special props that remind attendees of the event. How about a scarf in the school colors? A stuffed representative of the school mascot? Hats, glasses and plastic bead necklaces in school colors? They make for fun pictures and you will be surprised at how your guests combine and enjoy them.


For family reunions, you can add interesting reminders of family events. How about an inexpensive veil if there was a recent wedding in the family? How about enlarged pictures of famous/infamous family members from the good,old days?


All families have family cultures – you could use representatives of those cultures in your pictures. For example, maybe the entire family follows a particular football or baseball team – props from those teams would be a big hit in your photo booth!


School Events

School days pass too quickly and how often do we wish we had taken pictures of one or another of them. Rent a photo booth for the weekend of the high school musical and watch the young actors and actresses line up for their photos! These make great mementos for the participants and their families. Watch as the members of the orchestra pose with their pals in the chorus, in full costume for the production.


This could even be a fund-raiser for next year’s show! Charge a dollar or two for each photo and watch the donations pile up. Families will pose with their little stars, stars with their best friends and even the director and music leader will get in on the action.


Does your school have a marching band? A photo booth is a great way to remember all the sections in their marching regalia.


Office Events

Where is the office picnic this year? Get some straw hats, baseball bats and tennis rackets and get the gang to pose for pictures. You can post the photos on the web to encourage attendance next year.


Winning with Photo Booths

You can’t lose by having a photo booth at your next event. They are participatory fun and no one can have too much of that.

Finding the Best Sewing Machine for a Beginner

You are seeking a sewing machine for a beginning seamstress and don’t quite know where to begin. You want to be sure that she is getting value and quality for the money that is spent on the purchase, and also that she really loves her new possession and hobby. Some tips and suggestions for selecting the very best sewing model include:


Ask others who love to sew about their machines and what they like and dislike about their particular models. Peruse fabric stores and check with store personnel as to the particular machines their customers prefer. Go online and check out authentic reviews of different makes and styles of modern sewing machines.

Compare Pricing

Compare the costs of the various machines that you have been made aware of. The cheaper ones are not necessarily the best buy,and the more expensive models are not necessarily of the highest quality. Research your notes as to what most seamstresses prefer, and compare this list to the costs of each machine. Your budget will also be a determining factor in your final selection.

Read Directions

A beginner is going to need simple and clear directions. Read the directions of the sewing machines you are considering. Are the directions easy to read? Could a beginner make sense of the wording? Does the sewing machine have so many bells and whistles that it could overwhelm a novice? Are there just a few or several attachments? Answering all of these questions will help you make an educated choice.

Check Durability

Check your machine for quality and durability. There are many inexpensive models that are made mainly of plastic; seek out those that are made of higher quality metals and other products. The sewing machine should be fairly heavy and sturdy. While you are at the store, make a point of picking the sample model up. Does it seem like it will hold up for many years? Is it level? Does it appear to be constructed of high quality materials?

Analyze Warranties and Guarantees

Inquire as to warranties and guarantees that may come with the purchase. This is very important in the case that the machine malfunctions or breaks down just after a few weeks of ownership. A quality machine should last for years if maintained and cared for properly.

Buying the best sewing machine for beginners does not have to be a huge challenge or time-consuming process. Following the preceding suggestions will have you well on your way to selecting the very best model and design for the beginning seamstress. After she learns how to maneuver and operate it, she will be assembling and wearing her new and stunning creations in not time at all.

Simple tips for poker beginners

Poker is a game that may be as old as America itself, in one form or another, and is inextricably linked with its history. Largely developed in the saloons and riverboats of the Wild West, over the decades, poker gained an almost mythic stature. From the archetype of the gentleman gambler to the idea of the rambunctious cow hand for whom gambling wasn’t just recreation but a way of life, poker plays a central role in the American mythos and serves as a metaphor for the American character itself, as a nation of risk-takers willing to go where others won’t.

It comes as no surprise, then, that poker is nearly as popular today as it has ever been, at least in historical terms. Even as the online scene has declined in recent years, poker rooms and new casinos offering poker spring up from coast to coast. When dealing with a game of such enduring qualities, it is a good bet that poker will be there tomorrow and for ages to come.

Therefore, it can be argued that now is as good a time as any to begin learning the game. Let’s review some simple tips for those who are completely new to poker and, hopefully, get them on the right track to becoming the great players of tomorrow.

Play online, but don’t make it your home

If you’re new to online poker, you aren’t likely to appreciate just how wide the cosmic gulf between online poker and its brick and mortar counterpart is. If live poker is like running a fruit stand on the side of a summer highway, online poker, for example situs poker online, is like working as a quantitative analyst for a high-frequency trading fund. They’re about as different as two variants of the same game could ever be.

But that’s not to say that online poker doesn’t have serious benefits. If you’re interested in poker, you should absolutely play online at micro or small stakes. You won’t be playing to make any money, leave that to the incorrigible masochists. You’ll be playing for practice and analysis. The online game can be a fantastic place to learn concepts, player tendencies and correct responses to various leaks and opponent types. And the great news is that if you can beat NL10 online you can probably beat any live poker game in the United States. Yeah, it’s actually that bad.

But don’t sell yourself short. Online poker can provide extremely beneficial practice and it can allow you to stay sharp for that juicy NL1000 game at your local casino, the one where you can make $50 an hour.

View poker as a model train set

Remember how exciting it was to get that HO-scale model train at Christmas? Well, poker is almost the same thing. Programs like Hold’em Manager, CardrunnersEV and even Microsoft Excel allow you to build models of opponents and learn the mathematical techniques to beat them. In fact, in building opponent models, you internalize many of the concepts to an extent that you won’t even have to think about them anymore at the tables. Not only can the process of opponent modeling be fun and rewarding in its own right, it can be enormously profitable. After studying the nuts and bolts of poker you start to gain a sixth sense for when someone might be making mistakes, what shape an optimally exploitative strategy would take and how to execute it.

Model Railroads and Scale Buildings

Creating a model railroad must be done properly or it will not be in balance. A railroad is built according to scale. The scale for the train must be the same as the scale used for scenery and buildings. If the scale does not match you can have a tree taller than a skyscraper and your railroad will not have the correct appearance. The simplest and most common scale used is one inch per every foot of the actual size. You can go as large as you like but the bigger the scale the more expensive it will be. If the scale is too small you might encounter difficulties in assembling your buildings.

Scale Buildings

Scale buildings are a lot of fun. What you choose depends on your railroads theme. If you select a theme from the old west you will have saloons, hitching posts, horses and housing appropriate for the era. A modern theme will encompass skyscrapers, condominiums and modern restaurants. Kits to build scale buildings are readily available and come in an incredible assortment.

Your Imagination

Your imagination is incredibly important when using themed model buildings. You can go back to any period of any century you choose. Have an old fashioned schoolhouse with a bell out front set on a scenic prairie. Recreate the Victorian era or the Renaissance. You can have a thriving metropolis or a ghost town. The fun is in the wide variety of choices available. The key is to decide what types of buildings you like best and be certain all of your buildings are from the same period of time.

Placing Your Buildings

Now you have to decide how you would like your buildings to be placed. You can have an industrial area filled with factories or an amusement park right down to cotton candy and hot dog stands. Some people prefer a country landscape with fields of wildflowers and streams and place farmhouses and barns at appropriate intervals. As long as all of your buildings are the same scale your model railroad will be an amazing addition to your home.

The Grade

Your buildings do not have to be placed on a level surface. If you are building a ski resort you will have a high accumulation of snow and mountains. You can build a mountain and place a resort on a flat area on the top. This will add dimension to your buildings. If your railroad is set in San Francisco your buildings will need to be placed on steep inclines to add realism to your railroad.

The Fun

Wherever you decide to build your railroad in whichever time period you choose you are going to have a lot of fun. Your railroad become your own personal little piece of the world. The shingles on the roof tops will make you smile because you will remember placing them there. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you were responsible for creating everything you see. Creating a model railroad is a phenomenal experience that can be passed down for generations to come.

Landscaping Tips for a Better Home

Home is where the heart is. Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful home to live in. We all aim for a home that is not only beautiful but as well as comfortable for everyone to help them relax after a tiring day.

One good way to make your home more beautiful and comfortable to live in is by improving the look of your home starting from the outside. When we do home improvement projects, we tend to focus more on the interiors rather than the exterior of our homes. However, doing home improvements on the outdoors will benefit the family as well as how the new interiors could in your home.

One way of improving the outlook of your home is by having it landscaped and transform it into a garden or something that would make your space beautiful. Landscaping will be able to make your home more beautiful, appealing and comforting and will provide you a far better living environment for you and your family.

Deciding on your outdoor look can be quite challenging. There are in fact endless possibilities of how your outdoor space could look like. You might even get overwhelmed with the choices that you can have for the design of your landscaped outdoors. However by following some simple tips on how you should plan your landscaping project, you will be able to succeed in making your outdoors worth your investment.

Here are some tips that you can follow when planning your outdoor improvement project:

Tip 1. List down the things you need and want for your outdoor space.

First, identify the purpose of your project. What do you need the space for?Do you want to grow your garden? Or do you need some space where your kids can play? Jot down all the ideas that you have of what you would want to have on your outdoors.

Tip 2. Look for design inspirations.

Do some research. Search for your design inspiration on the internet or the magazine. Perhaps you want to have a porch similar to that of your favorite actress or a theme that you want to apply to your space, seeing them in pictures would help you decide if they are attainable for your space. Do a rough sketch of your space to see if your plan will go well with the space that you have at home.

Tip 3. Select the right plants and know how to do maintenance.

Since you will be dealing with plants which requires care and maintenance, it pays to know the right plants to grow as part of your landscape. Choose plants that would look good to your planned landscape design and at the same time would not be too hard to take care of. Poor plant choices can be a future problem so you need to study the plants that you will group together. Consult your gardener if you must and choose the plants that would look good all year round as much as possible. Plants can thrive if given proper care so you need to have plant maintenance as part of your schedule.

Landscaping: The Best Way to Improve Your Outdoors

When we make changes at home, our focus for modification is usually centered on the interior space since it is where we hang whenever we stay at home. However, when it comes to the overall value of your home, your outdoors are just as good as the interiors of your home. As the matter of fact, any added feature to home escalates the value of any home this means a landscaped outdoors adds more value to the home depending on how beautiful and functional the exterior is.

When you have a free space on your outdoors, the best way to improve it is to do landscaping. A landscaped front yard or garden adds beauty to any home. One of the best way to give your home a wonderful makeover is to improve the look of your outdoors. A beautiful outdoor gives an impression to your neighbors and other people of what it looks like on the inside. People will think that your interiors are as good as the exteriors of your home.

If you have an idle space in your backyard, landscaping it would be a great idea to start using it and transforming it into something that you and your family would benefit. Decorating your place with plants is a great way to bring life into your home. If you are into gardening and knows some basic carpentry and is up to do any DIY projects, then doing landscaping on your own wouldn’t be a headache for you. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to see every day the masterpiece you work yourself hard with? However, having it done by professional isn’t a bad idea. If you take your landscaping project as an investment for the future sale of your house, then having a professional touch would be worth the trust.

Choosing the landscape design for your home can be quite challenging, and you’ll be surprised with all the options you can choose from. The design possibilities that you have are endless however you need to make sure that the design is attainable to the type of space that you have. In fact, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when planning your landscape design since you are dealing with living elements that need proper care and maintenance.