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When is your next social or professional event? Spice it up with a rented photo booth. Everyone managing an event spends hours trying to figure out how to make it more interesting to attract and entertain people. With a photo booth, all you have to do is announce it will be there, and watch the fun happen.


Business Events

We all know how long business events usually go. Long days filled with talking and longer nights filled with talking and drinking.


Add fun to your next event by having a photo booth available. Friends will enjoy posing in the box for their photos and then watching as the photos are broadcast for all to see.


A rented photo booth from Elegant Hire Australia┬áis a great way to remember new contacts. We all meet so many new people at such events that’s its hard to keep them straight. Have your picture taken with your new contacts so you can remember each other. Store your pictures with the cards of all your new friends and you have a contact that you don’t forget once the event ends.


School/Family Reunion

Your photo booth rental usually includes a few props to make the photographs interesting and entertaining. If you are having a school event or reunion, add a few of your own, special props that remind attendees of the event. How about a scarf in the school colors? A stuffed representative of the school mascot? Hats, glasses and plastic bead necklaces in school colors? They make for fun pictures and you will be surprised at how your guests combine and enjoy them.


For family reunions, you can add interesting reminders of family events. How about an inexpensive veil if there was a recent wedding in the family? How about enlarged pictures of famous/infamous family members from the good,old days?


All families have family cultures – you could use representatives of those cultures in your pictures. For example, maybe the entire family follows a particular football or baseball team – props from those teams would be a big hit in your photo booth!


School Events

School days pass too quickly and how often do we wish we had taken pictures of one or another of them. Rent a photo booth for the weekend of the high school musical and watch the young actors and actresses line up for their photos! These make great mementos for the participants and their families. Watch as the members of the orchestra pose with their pals in the chorus, in full costume for the production.


This could even be a fund-raiser for next year’s show! Charge a dollar or two for each photo and watch the donations pile up. Families will pose with their little stars, stars with their best friends and even the director and music leader will get in on the action.


Does your school have a marching band? A photo booth is a great way to remember all the sections in their marching regalia.


Office Events

Where is the office picnic this year? Get some straw hats, baseball bats and tennis rackets and get the gang to pose for pictures. You can post the photos on the web to encourage attendance next year.


Winning with Photo Booths

You can’t lose by having a photo booth at your next event. They are participatory fun and no one can have too much of that.